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Building Electrical Land Drawings

Who requires this service?

In addition to the large and medium size construction companies there has been a phenomenal rise in the number of small businesses who require CAD design. Typically this may be electrical contractors, drain surveyors, M&E contractors, Shopkeepers, hoteliers and development companies.

Very often B&B or guest houses will require fire plans. This often requires a measurement survey and transfer into a floor plan.  Landowners will present a land survey with various schemes and types of houses wanting to determine the maximum number of houses that can fit on the plot.

electrical land drawing

Online Design Service

The Works Design Services has been operating online drafting services whereby marked-up drawings are modified in accordance with instructions. These include patent drawings and copyright drawings.

This has proven to be an increasingly popular service where travelling is less popular and often expensive. Online design then becomes a very cost effective solution.


Online Design Service

Factory Layouts

To optimise work flow and layout of machine equipment and processes CAD has a great advantage of developing various options, floorplans and building layouts.

factory layout

Internal and External Building Design

Within building and development there is unlimited need for 2D and 3D design.

The works Design Services has been involved in the following projects:-

  1. Staircase design in wood, glass and metal.
  2. External cladding
  3. Architectural steelwork and sheet metal.
internal and external layouts

Drainage Layouts

Frequently drainage companies get requests to produce drainage layout drawings based on received CAD drawings. The Works Design Services has the latest CAD software that will open all previous versions of 2D drawings.

drainage layouts

Piping Layouts

Likewise as with drainage layouts, many clients come with piping or electrical containment drawings that they need to manipulate and update. 

    Need to find the easiest path across a building? 3D software has the capability of quickly routing pipes from one connection to another. 
piping layouts