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On-site / Off-site 3D Product Design

Or a Combination 


The Works Design Services provides either an in-house or on-site design service. This is purely dependent on the client’s requirements.

Software & Hardware

The Works Design Services will typically use Solidworks and Autocad as the primary software packages, although there are other software packages that would be readily considered. We use only the best high-spec laptops specifically designed for 3D CAD Product design software.

In-house Product Design

Travelling to and from companies is a labour intensive and time-consuming process and consequently very costly. The Works Design Services will come to you at your convenience.

Remote Project Management

Using various software including Zoom and Skype to share screens it is possible to oversee the design and development. This has been particularly advantageous during the COVID-19 pandemic period.

What’s Included

  1. A Qualified CAD Technician.
  2. Hardware – Typically High Specification Dell Precision.
  3. Software or Hardware. Typically Solidworks or AutoCAD.
  4. Offsite printing services. Any prints from A5 to A0 are available.