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Planning and Building Regulation Services

New Builds

Commonly asked questions are how much land do I have? This can be easily calculated on CAD. How many houses can I squeeze on this land? How many industrial units can I squeeze on? Where can I add greenery and recycling? This is where The Works Design can help.


Many properties require an extension. Fortunately the government has allowed permitted development and additional length on the end of existing extensions. Most Loft conversions also no longer require plans. However there many instances where planning permission is still required and building regulations need to be adhered to.

We Are Here To Help

The Works Design Services has a high success rate in getting building consent where it has otherwise been difficult.

planning approved
building survey

Building Survey

A survey on site of a building for the purpose of planning is regularly undertaken.

All houses and buildings require a measurement survey. The information from the survey is translated into a 3D building.

land survey

Land Survey

OS Survey maps are generally used for planning permission but where there are large plots of land and where lands boundaries can cause conflict it is important to have these accurately defined by land boundary.

It must also be noted that there are instances where the size of the land is understated and the land boundary needs to be re-registered.

Dispute resolved

Land and Planning Disputes

Where there problems with planning the Works Design can come up with innovative ideas to overcome many of the problems that are associated with planning.