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Design – Range of Industries

Mechanical Engineering

The Works Design Services have worked in just about every industry ranging from HVAC, Special Purpose Machinery, Architecture, Toolmaking, Construction, Medical, Aerospace, Structural Engineering, Pharmaceutical, Sheet Metal, recycling, electro-mechanical, and Automotive.

Renewable Energy

This ranges from solar power, ground source energy, wind turbines and anaerobic digesters.


This industry can be very diverse ranging from life support machines to medical cleaning equipment.

Automation and Materials Handling Equipment

This has seen a sharp increase over the last 20 years. There are certain reasons why this has been the case. The limit on manually lifting weights is 20 kilograms. Labour in the UK is extremely expensive especially in relation to China. One way of retaining manufacturing in this country is to automate processes and reduce labour intensity. All is not lost for the UK in terms of manufacturing!

3D Plant Design

Whether it is an anaerobic digester, a process plant an assembly line it is important to know the size of the factory the direction of pipework. With the knowledge of mechanical design and construction problems can be resolved in advance.

3D Printing 

This had been extremely popular over the 10 years and will only increase in popularity. This will over increase and develop for the foreseeable future.


Automation is quite a diverse field ranging from engine test equipment to car part design, vehicle lifting equipment and special purpose vehicle design.

Electro Mechanical

Electro-mechanical is a very popular discipline. After many devices now are electrical or electronic due to the required increased functionality.

The works Design Services has CAD software that can easily route piping and electrical wiring.