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Our Services

Special Purpose Machinery

The UK is an extremely innovative country and just about every design can be developed to suit your needs and requirements. Whether it be a small printing machine, polishing machine, cutting machine or materials handling equipment The Works Design Services has the capability to purpose design equipment to your needs.

Reverse Engineering

Need to re-produce old obsolete machines? The Works Design Services has a host of measuring equipment to measure old machines and model into 3D with new up-to-date wiring.

Product Design /Inventions drawn up.

Over the last 10 years there has been a massive demand for innovative product design. This ranges from the guy on the street, the inventor in his garage right up to big companies and corporations.

2D/3D Drawings

Depending on the application there is a trade off between using 2D or 3D. Typically Architectural drawings have this dilemma. With Engineering Design it is generally 3D.

Detailing Services

Sometimes it is the case that a company models up a product but wants to be freed up just to create the modelling design. The Works Design Services provides a service solely committed to taking a 3D modelled design and detailing it.

Printing Services

We have a large format printer and print drawings up to a size of A0 onsite. This is extremely useful for the likes of planning permission. Printing can be done at any time.

Convert 2D Drawings

The Works Design has seen a large rise in requests to convert pdf drawings into 2D CAD drawings. Since 2017 drawings that were originally in AutoCad and saved to pdf can be converted back into 2D AutoCad. This wasn’t previously possible.

2D to 3D

Many companies have legacy drawings that were drawn on a drawing board or 2D CAD. These can be upgraded into the latest 3D CAD Design format. Contact us for further details on our drawing conversion services.